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Your people use technology for productivity.

Information Technology is key to your business success. Blending people, processes and technology we can equip your staff with the RIGHT tools for high efficiency.
Our FIT service is a ‘Turn Key’ solution,  a natural addition to our staffing solutions.

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Staffing and Employee Resources

Promised Performance Staffing Solutions

Craig Careers, a Canadian owned business, whose staff offer more than five decades of Staffing Service industry experience, will quickly and cost effectively, find qualified talent for your business.

Promised Performance Staffing Solutions, means our dedicated staff, working with state of the art, staffing service industry software, provide quick, personalized response to our clients' when they need it and without the fixed overhead cost.

Specializing in Administration Staffing, offering temporary, temporary to permanent and plus permanent staffing placements to fill short, long term or project specific, contract staffing assignments. View our Classification List »

Craig Careers, a Temp Job Agency, providing quality temp, temp to perm, and permanent staffing solutions.

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