ERP Consultants




Unbiased, expert advice and assistance

so our clients can make the right decisions when upgrading, integrating and

implementing new IT software and hardware systems solutions.


Craig Careers ERP Consultants will talk to you, your staff, your customers and your suppliers,
to determine what your business is all about, how processes work and more importantly,
how new, upgraded IT systems NEED TO WORK FOR YOU!


ERP solutions for YOUR Business
Provide rigorous research, comprehensive planning,
and reliable reporting, to direct you to the best, most cost effective solutions.


Craig Careers FIT TECH Service,
in concert with our ERP Consulting, provides:

  • full implementation and integration of all your software and hardware system upgrades;
  • train your staff;
  • migrate your data;
  • test your systems thoroughly before going live.

…all with minimal disruption to your day to day business operations.


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