Why Generation Y Loves Temp Jobs

Why Generation Y Loves Temp Jobs

Individuals born between 1981 and 2000 have become known as Generation Y or Gen Y. The relationship that Gen Y employees want to have with their employers differs from the aspirations of previous generations. While their parents and grandparents sought stability and security in the working relationship, Gen Y employees seek freedom and flexibility. This makes temp jobs ideal for Gen Y employees.

Typically, Gen Y employees embrace change enthusiastically. They are keen to learn and apply new skills, and they want to have control over their career. Gen Y employees are prepared to take risks that would be unthinkable for previous generations. They are willing to accept interesting short-term roles and temporary work that presents new challenges.

The average Gen Y employee has a desire to balance work and life. Their flexible, inquiring natures mean that Gen Y employees are open to travel and exploration. They may take on a series of temp jobs that allow them to travel in a chosen location or country. Alternatively, they may take on temporary work on a seasonal basis that enables them to save up and then take time away from work to pursue a hobby full-time for a few months. Temp factory jobs may be way of subsidising a seasonal past-time, such as skiing or snowboarding. Although the source of their motivation may be external to the job, this does not make Gen Y employees any less committed to delivering results.

Improving educational standards in schools combined with the flow of knowledge via media outlets and the internet mean that Gen Y is better educated than previous generations at a similar stage in their working life. The breadth of their knowledge makes Gen Y employees a rich resource that adds creativity and innovation to the workplace.

The flexibility and adaptability of Gen Y employees make them ideal temporary workers. Whether companies have a need to cover administrative jobs, finance vacancies, or seek a specialist skill set, the pool of Gen Y employees offers a wide range of skills and an enthusiastic, creative approach.

The technical ability of Gen Y employees makes them a natural fit for a variety of temp admin jobs. Growing up with access to PCs, laptops, email, and the internet means that most Gen Y employees have an intuitive understanding of software and I.T. packages. This shortens the learning curve of many Gen Y employees, who are capable of undertaking self-directed learning and development.

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