Need a different approach to handling your payroll?

Need a different approach to handling your payroll?

Why outsourcing your payroll makes sense…

  • Free yourself of employee payroll tasks
  • Benefit with HST Input Tax Credits
  • Pay only one, HST deductible, bi-weekly invoice –some conditions apply

How is Craig Careers Payroll Service different?

Payroll Services Outsourced
All payroll funds and related taxes are issued from OUR bank account, unlike conventional payroll services who issue funds from YOUR bank account.

HST deductible
Consequently, the full cost of your Craig Careers payroll, including taxes and fees become HST deductible.

Responsibility and Accountability
become the legal employer responsible for paying YOUR staff, whether it’s for one or more than fifty people.

YOU retain complete control and supervision of your staff and must continue to be compliant with all health, safety, labour and tax laws.

All people on our payroll, are insured and legally our employees. We are responsible for collecting all time and payroll related information, issuing wages (via direct deposit); making all necessary employee payroll deductions; employer payroll tax contributions; reporting and remitting all related taxes; preparing and issuing all Records of Earnings; T4’s and T 4 Summaries, in compliance with all tax and labour laws.

We also provide detailed monthly and/or quarterly reports to ensure you are well informed regarding all payroll costs, tax remittances and fees.

Want to move people back to your own payroll at a later date?

No problem.

Free yourself! Call us today and our representative will be pleased to visit your place of business to discuss in detail YOUR specific payroll service requirements.