Job Seekers – finding opportunities in the job market.

Job Seekers understand, looking for a job can be a daunting task.

Especially if you are presently employed and are seeking a career change.

Where do you look?  Who do you talk to?
What are the inherent risks of sending your resume to just anyone? 
How do you determine if the businesses you contact are a good place to work? 
How long have they been established? Does management provide a positive supportive working environment? 
What are the growth opportunities?

Job Seekers looking for a job are constantly looking at Job Postings and Job Opportunities, most likely online.  However, do all those job postings really exist? Do you ever hear back from the people who posted the job? Or does your resume just fall into the deep pit of cyber space along with many others?

Question: How then do job seekers connect job opportunities and the job market?

Answer: Job Seekers can submit their resume, on line, to Craig Careers with confidence that one of our experienced staff will respond to you in a timely manner. 

Job Seekers discover Craig Careers is a personalized, reliable staffing service, willing to work with candidates to find them the right job opportunities.  We market, on an ongoing basis, qualified job seekers registered in our data base, to positions within good organizations and businesses, who we have qualified as good employers.

We work with Employers who have worked with us for many years.  Most have indicated we are the only staffing service they would even consider calling.  Employers, who, by the way, do not have time to deal with the avalanche of unsolicited resumes that come in through their web sites from job seekers that have not been qualified, tested or screened.

Register with Craig Careers and we will treat you with respect, treat your personal information confidentially, meet with you “face to face”, get to know you, discuss job opportunities, job postings and what you have to offer prospective employers.

Craig Careers, a Canadian owned business, whose staff offer more than five decades of Staffing Service industry experience, will quickly and cost effectively, find qualified talent for your business.