Local Knowledge Is Vital for Temp Agency Success

Local Knowledge Is Vital for Temp Agency Success

When you decide to sign up with a temp agency as part of your job search, you need to be sure that you are entrusting your job/career search to a professional, established, local personnel service business.

Local knowledge is vital to enable the temp agency to give you a realistic understanding regarding what type of jobs are currently available, the skills required and related pay rates.

The professional recruiter will discuss your skills and experience relative to local demand plus other career opportunities. If you are seeking work in a specific sector, but there is no current demand locally for that type of job, the recruiter may also discuss putting you forward for other positions that match your skills and experience.

Local pay rates for temp jobs:

It’s an Employers’ market presently, so a realistic approach to what you expect to be paid is necessary in the current economy. However, taking a temporary position below what you previously earned is worth considering. Why? Many employers like to “try out”, a person before they hire permanently. The reverse is also true; you get to “try out” the job, the boss and the company before committing if a perm offer is extended. Also, several temp positions over a period of time with a reputable agency will help build your experience, career and more importantly, your marketability.

If your pay expectations are unrealistically high or low for the local job market, the temp agency will let you know. A reputable agency, when placing a temp on an assignment, will set the pay rate, and corresponding bill rate charged to the client company, relative to the duties and responsibilities of the job. However, if the job changes and more skills are required from the temp, the agency should be made aware so they can negotiate, on your behalf, for a better pay rate.

Forthcoming changes in the local economy:

In order to predict where the demand for temp jobs is likely to lie, temp agencies must be aware of changes that are likely to take place in the local economy.

The personnel specialists at Craig Careers are firmly linked in to the local economy and jobs market in Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding communities. We are constantly monitoring, through our many contacts and sources, what is happening regarding current and future employment opportunities.

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