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Employee FAQ

Employee Questions & Answers (FAQ)

What temps need to know upon accepting an assignment.

We will provide you with the Company Name, address, directions and your immediate supervisor’s name.

How long will I be needed?

We will provide you with the length of assignment, dates, times and hours of operation.

What do I wear?

Professional office attire should always be worn unless we advise you otherwise.

What are my responsibilities?

When you accept an assignment you have made a commitment. We expect you to honour your word and commitment.

Please arrive on time, ready for work and follow all rules and regulations of our client. If you have an questions regarding your assignment please contact our office.

How do I get paid?

Accurate completion of your time sheet weekly is your responsibility.

Your time sheet must be filled out on a weekly basis and signed by your direct supervisor, who can verify the hours you work.

Your pay is prepared upon receipt of a properly completed and signed timesheet(s)

If you have more then one assignment with different clients, it is necessary to complete and submit separate, signed timesheets for each week; for each client.

Timesheets should be faxed or scanned and emailed to us on the last day worked of each week.

Your net pay after mandatory government deductions is deposited into your personal bank account, every other Friday. To initiate this process we will need:

(a) Your properly completed time sheet signed by you and our client
(b) A void cheque for your personal bank account (This is kept in strict confidence)
(c) Or a signed payroll bank deposit, bank authorization form properly completed

Your bi-weekly payroll deposit statement will be mailed directly to your address on record.

If you move please advise our office immediately.

If you have any payroll questions please email or call 905-332-1600 ext 2358

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