Managing your staff and employee recruitment’s

Managing your staff and employee recruitment’s

How do you manage your staff and employee recruitment?

Do you really want to put in the considerable time and effort necessary to review resume’s, weed out the qualified potential employees from the unqualified candidates?

Do you really want to wear another hat and take on more duties?

Do you DIY (do it yourself)?

Workforce Management – Recruitment

The in-house cost of hiring new staff and employees can be much higher than the price paid for advertising on job boards or in classified ads.

If you do not know the real cost of your DIY method of recruiting and hiring of new staff and employees you should at the very least create a budget.

Factor in all the costs over and above the advertising. Factor in all the time take by you and your staff plus the time taken away from revenue generating activities.

Chances are your in-house staff recruiting budget will be considerably more that paying a recruiter’s fee.

And that fee will carry a Promised Performance Guarantee (some conditions apply).

Do you have a sensitive situation and do not want your staff to know you are recruiting?

If so, get your recruiting of staff and employees out of your office and into the hands of a seasoned, qualified recruiter that can cost effectively handle all your temp and perm staffing needs.

How our recruiting and staffing services can make a difference.



A trading company planned to expand rapidly over a short time period. The client required a variety of job classifications, which would change rapidly and would be required for short and long term periods. Staff would be located locally, out of the province and out of the country. The client placed a high priority on quality and flexibility of field staff, plus reliability of personnel administration services. An excellent employee wage and benefit program was essential, but at a cost efficient price.


Craig Careers designed a Contract Staffing Service program initially for three people located in three different areas. We recruited, and managed employees, plus administered payroll, group insurance, including benefit claims, maintained staff records and counselled up to 75 employees for six years.


The client enjoyed a low employee administration cost, a high degree of staff flexibility, plus consistent, top quality personnel/administration services. The employees enjoyed an excellent wage and benefit package. The top quality of staff CC supplied resulted in our client experiencing extraordinary growth in sales and revenue. The business was recently sold at a handsome profit.

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