Temp Job Placements Allow Companies To Try Before They Buy

Temp Job Placements Allow Companies To Try Before They Buy

Taking on a permanent employee is a big commitment for any company. The recruitment process can take up substantial amounts of management time and permanent employees will be entitled to the company’s full benefits package, including health insurance and paid vacations. Offering permanent employment to the wrong candidate can be an expensive error, and it can be difficult to end the employment of a permanent employee who simply is not working out. Taking on workers via a temp agency allows employers to “try before they buy”.

Save Time and Money:

Undertaking a traditional recruitment campaign is costly and time-consuming. It usually requires a company to place a recruitment advertisement, sift through application forms or resumes, conduct interviews and choose a preferred candidate. In contrast, a temp agency will carry out prescreening of candidates, reducing the time it takes to recruit. This minimizes the amount of managers’ time required for the hiring process and allows companies to respond more quickly to peaks in demand.

Craig Careers has in place a bank of workers that we can allocate to client companies as temp jobs arise. Our temp workers possess a wide range of skills, allowing us to find a perfect match for your requirements. Companies can be confident that the team at Craig Careers understands the local labour market. Our staff offer over 50 years of experience of placing temp workers within Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction:

Craig Careers has a high level of success in placing candidates due to our partnership approach. We identify our customers’ specific requirements and our team ensures that we clearly understand the skills, knowledge and experience that are essential for a good fit. We follow up to ensure our temp performs to our customer’s satisfaction.

Completion of the Assignment:

Temp job assignments end for a number of reasons. The rise in demand may be seasonal or linked to a short-term peak period. It is the responsibility of the CC team to handle ending the assignment of our temp workers.

Making the Transition to Permanent Employment:

It is not unusual for temp workers to become invaluable to the company with which they have been placed. Often their skills, commitment and enthusiasm impress managers and colleagues alike. In these circumstances, companies can transition temp workers into permanent employees, confident in the knowledge that they know the capabilities of the person they are hiring.

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