Is A Temp Job Right For You?

Is A Temp Job Right For You?

 Individuals take on temporary work for a variety of reasons. Although some people sign up with a temp agency out of financial necessity, perhaps after losing a permanent job, an increasing number of workers are making a conscious choice to secure temporary work through a placement agency. Canada offers a wealth of interesting and challenging temp jobs that enable workers to gain practical experience in the workplace or help them re-enter the job market after bringing up a family. How can you know if a temp job is the right career option for you?

Do you love variety?

Temporary work offers the opportunity to experience work in a number of different environments. One day you may be working for a small, family-run business, the next you could be slotted in to a global, multinational company. By signing up with a temp agency, you are embarking on a journey that is guaranteed to be varied and diverse.

Are you motivated by change?

Some people enjoy constant change, while others prefer a steady, stable environment. The nature of temp jobs means that regular change is inevitable. Assignments come and go, new ways of working have to be learned and applied quickly and efficiently. If you thrive on change, temporary work may be the right career path for you.

Does your resume lack practical work experience?

Lack of practical work experience on your resume may prevent you from getting your foot on the career ladder. Employers may be wary of offering you permanent employment if you have a sparse or limited career history. Temp agencies build relationships with candidates and identify potential that may be overlooked during a traditional application and interview process. Advisers at Craig Careers take the time to build these relationships by getting to know their companies and candidates. This allows them to spot potential and match workers with company requirements which lead to excellent satisfaction ratings.

If your lack of practical work experience is holding you back, then a temp job may be the ideal opportunity to enhance your resume. Temp jobs are a great way to gains hands-on experience and secure employer references. Recent graduates and people returning to the labour market can benefit from securing temp jobs that enable them to build a solid employment record.

Do you want to explore your career options?

If you are uncertain about your long-term career aspirations, temporary jobs offer the opportunity to gain practical experience before committing to a permanent role. Craig Careers works with their candidates to find job opportunities that are right for them.

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