Temp Jobs: Ideal Entry Points to the Labour Market

Temp Jobs: Ideal Entry Points to the Labour Market

Finding an entry point to the labour market can be challenging for caregivers returning to the workforce or individuals who have experienced redundancy. Temp job placements offer these groups of workers the opportunity to secure vital work experience, build confidence and develop skills.

Securing a qualification is a major achievement. There is a no doubt that holding a relevant qualification will increase an individual’s employ-ability and earning potential in the long term. However, during the recruitment process, employers are looking for skills and experience over and above an academic qualification. Employers want to know that the individual understands work place etiquette, punctuality and reliability. They must also be a good team player who will work well with a diverse range of colleagues.

Returning Caregivers:

When children are young, one parent may opt to stay at home to offer stability of care. However, as children grow, enter the school system and become more independent, the parent may decide to return to the workforce. Individuals with aging or infirm relatives may also opt to take time out to offer full-time care, seeking to return to employment when the relative enters a care establishment or passes away. Returning to the workforce after a career break can be a daunting prospect. This can be compounded by negative attitudes from some hiring managers.

When a hiring manager looks at a resume and sees that an individual has had a career break, he will want to know the reason for it. Rightly or wrongly, he may assume that an individual who has taken time out to care for children or an older family member will not make a reliable worker on his or her return to the workforce. By securing temp jobs, returning caregivers can demonstrate their reliability to potential employers while building up their confidence and developing vital skills.

Employees Experiencing Redundancy:

Economic pressures, such as a downturn in orders or the need to implement efficiencies, can lead to companies making employees redundant. Redundancy can be a blow to affected individuals, particularly if there are few jobs available in their chosen profession. Many employees who are made redundant need assistance to identify transferable skills and to consider whether a change in direction may benefit their career. This is where the experienced recruiters in a temp agency can offer the benefit of their expertise. They can help individuals faced with unemployment to assess their skills, knowledge and experience and identify possible opportunities to secure employment in a new or related field.

Craig Careers  helps temp workers to identify their potential. We have a proven track record of placing individuals in temp jobs that allow them to flourish, benefiting both the worker and the employer.

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