Having Trouble Hiring?

Having Trouble Hiring?

Doing your own hiring, recruiting and staffing, is a time consuming, expensive process.

‘Hiring someone to Hire’, good employees for you, is the intelligent option used by many successful businesses to achieve cost-effective hiring results.

Hiring good employees is an expensive, time consuming complex task with no guarantee of a successful hiring outcome. If you have the time, resources and expertise, by all means do your own hiring.

However, think about your true cost when you “DIY” (doing it yourself).

How much time is taken away from your revenue generating activities when you going through the hiring process?
How much money and staff time is expended on the hiring process with no guarantee of a successful hiring outcome?

First, do you want to you pay for costly hiring advertising, either on line, or in the newspapers?

Second, do you have the time to properly review the deluge of resumes that pour into your inbox and mailbox, most of which do not even remotely qualify as possible hire?

Third, how do you begin to qualify the resumes to establish a hiring short list?

Fourth, how do test for the skills you are hiring for?

Fifth, how good are you at background screening and “face to face” interviewing of potential hires?

Sixth, do you need confidentiality in the hiring process?

Seventh, how effective are you at checking references of the person(s) you may hire?

Eighth, what is your cost of hiring the wrong employee?

Craig Careers

  • performs a constant hiring process that contains your cost and removes the “guessing” from the “hiring” process.
  • will recruit, test, screen, reference check, interview “face to face” and offer our clients’ total confidentiality.
  • will qualify a short list of candidates for hire, discuss in detail their testing results, qualifications, experience, background checks and our interview results.
  • offers private, well appointed meeting rooms, free, on our premises for our clients to conduct “off site” interviews with people we are confident they will want to hire.

We back it all up with our “Promised Performance” guarantee!*
*some conditions apply

Call today for information regarding your hiring needs and our customer service representative will be pleased to discuss your hiring needs at your place of business or ours – confidentially.

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Craig Careers, a Canadian owned business, whose staff offer more than five decades of Staffing Service industry experience, will quickly and cost effectively, find qualified talent for your business.

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